Millie Hodgson – Request for Work Experience etc – Fashion Industry

I am currently a student at Scarborough College in my first year of the IB diploma and my goal is to pursue a career within the fashion industry. I have very little experience within this industry and I am open to any opportunities I may be presented with.

I am due to finish my time at Scarborough College in the May of 2019 which will lead me on to a university course of some type within this sector.

The fashion industry is vast with many elements and I am willing to try my hand at anything which may come my way. At this point all I am after is the experience regardless of the field. I truly am open to anything!

Areas which interest me specifically are more the behind the scenes workings of the fashion industry, the elements which help to make fashion what it is today. The business, the marketing, the photography, the designing, the journalism etc. My spectrum of interest is broad and I want more knowledge within the industry which is why I aim to expose myself to as much experience as possible in order to hopefully narrow down my options and eventually come to a decision as to how I wish to pursue a career in my future.

My interests at school revolve mainly around my chosen higher subjects of Business, Art and English.

Opportunities in Scarborough are limited to say the least as I am sure OSA members fully understand and I would appreciate anything anyone has to offer me whether it be a placement, advice, mentorship or guidance.

Please contact: osa@scarboroughcollege.co.uk if you can help.