The Wanderer returns: Arthur B Middleton 1958 to 1963

Living and working abroad as an aircraft engineer in Denmark for the past 41 years, it has been a long time since I have visited Scarborough. As I am getting older we decided that we should visit a part of England every year to show our children and grandchildren where my family roots are and this year we would visit Yorkshire and of course Scarborough.

Entering the main hall after 54 years it seemed much smaller than I remembered, our two guides Robert​ and Wilson showed us upstairs where I had never been before.

Here used to be dormitories for the boarding boys which was off limits to day boys, and has now been converted into classrooms and study areas. We then went further up to the watch tower with a fantastic view over Scarborough. Fortunately, the weather was good.

Downstairs again walking towards the main auditorium, the tuck shop used to be under the stage then going left past what was then the old chemistry/physics lab which burnt down 1959-60.

The morning after the fire I remember cycling up Filey Road and seeing the bare, charred roof rafters above the building, the roof had collapsed! Mr Sutcliffe, our house master stood on the path to the bicycle sheds and sent us home again with a note for our parents. We were all cheering:  ”The school’s burnt down” not every day that happens in a schoolboy’s life!

The area where the parade ground was, has been built on but the door is still there, where 59 years ago I first entered this strange world of masters in gowns and older boys telling you to “scavenge”. As a new boy you were the lowest of the low, a frightening experience for an eleven-year old boy!

Walking out to the playing fields not much has changed, soccer has been introduced!

The weather was fine and looking out over the playing fields memories came back of playing rugby, wet, muddy and cold but elated after scoring a try on the grass in front of me. Without a doubt my time at Scarborough College helped shape me for my life to come.

Prowess on the rugby field, leadership from the scouts, a solid education and some discipline.  I would like to thank you for the invitation to visit my old school.