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Gordon Boot (1929-37), aged 97, accompanied by family members spent an enjoyable afternoon visiting College. He was shown around by Head of School – Oliver Beckett, OSA secretary Pippa Harker and Zoe Harrison. He enjoyed looking at the magazines from his era and brought in a number of pictures for the OSA to copy.

Gordon sent us the following observations:

Eighty years after leaving Scarborough College as a border in 1937 I was fortunate enough to be granted a visit to look around my old school. As I arrived I was delighted to see that the front of the school had not altered but, once inside, I noticed many changes. Firstly, the atmosphere was far more relaxed. In class, we were expected to stay "on task" no matter who entered the room. However, as I entered my old classroom the pupils turned to see who had interrupted their lesson.

The old assembly hall had been completely redesigned but I was sorry to see that the old Honour Boards had been replaced by new ones which only displayed one or two names. The room below the hall, which is now the Sports room, was where we were allowed to store our personal tuck boxes. It was always a treat to visit that room.

A Little Owls pre-school building has been constructed on the far side of the old playground and over the road that was used by the tradesman to make their deliveries.

My Prep school was on a different road and this is where we slept and had our breakfast. We were not permitted to sleep in the main school until we were 13. The Pavilion and grounds outside are virtually unchanged from the 1930s.

My visit brought back many memories - particularly of all the different sports that the school had to offer. I am so grateful to the Head boy - Oliver, secretary  - Pippa and Zoe for taking the time to give me such an enjoyable and interesting visit.