Rosie Walker – Debut novel published

Rosie Walker’s debut novel, ‘Secrets of a Serial Killer’ is being published by HarperCollins / One More Chapter on 17 July 2020.

Rosie started at Scarborough College when she was 11, and while at school loved English lessons with Mrs Mack and Maths with Mrs Roberts. In terms of school experiences which inspired her writing, what sticks out most in her mind is all the building’s secrets. The tunnels which ran underneath the floorboards of the main school building, which  could be accessed through the hole in the back of a locker in the girls’ changing rooms. That locker had a giant padlock on it so pupils couldn’t access it during her time at College, but she knew that generations of girls before  had sneaked under the school through that hole, and it sounded like an amazing adventure. Since then she always been fascinated in secret tunnels and hidden passageways, and they are massive themes in ‘Secrets of a Serial Killer’, which is set in a derelict hospital.

There is more information on Harper Collins’s website:

https://www.harpercollins.co.uk/9780008399962/secrets-of-a-serial-killer/ It’s available for pre-order now in both e-book and paperback.

Rosie’s website is https://www.rosiejanewalker.com/