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It is with much sadness that we report the recent passing of Pete Matthews -  College  House 1966-1973.

Pete was a keen sportsman and member of the choir during his time at the College.  He played hockey and cricket and was also a member of the 'unofficial' school football team where he played goalie.  The team was classed as unofficial as at that time it was not one of the school’s main sports and all matches were played on Sundays.

When he left school he got his first job in Harrods, London.  A huge difference from his SC days and in addition, during his first year there, he was honoured to be given the prestigious role of being Father Christmas!  He then moved on to work in 'Tostiq' near Trafalgar Square.

He would often return to Scarborough and he also enjoyed playing both golf and cricket.  He took over 1000 wickets during his time playing. In addition, Pete was an avid supporter of Chelsea FC.

At this time we do not have full funeral details, but it is believed this will be in January 2020 and we will update if we receive further information.

Our thoughts and prayers go to all of Pete's family, friends and former SC colleagues.