OS Graham Farrow’s Rattlesnakes has its film premiere

Graham Farrow (College House 1979-83) has written a number of critically acclaimed plays including Rattlesnakes  and Talk About The Passion  (both available from Amazon). They are two hard-hitting plays linked by the theme of retribution, exploring the media’s fascination with serial killers, and the fall-out from infidelity in marriage.

Rattlesnakes has been produced as a feature film. Starring Jack Coleman and Jimmy Jean Louis, the feature based on Graham’s acclaimed stage-play is directed by Julius Amedume and produced by Kew Media/JET Productions/Scala Films. Scripted and directed by Amedume, Rattlesnakes, described as a neo noir psychological thriller, tells the story of California life guru and family man Robert McQueen. What begins as a typical day of therapy sessions with his clients takes a turn for the worse. He’s expecting to meet a regular client in a rented apartment, but instead he’s ambushed by three masked men and held hostage. McQueen is accused of sleeping with each man’s wife. He pleads his innocence, but faced with being beaten and tortured, what he reveals will change all of their lives forever – but will it be enough to save his?

Rattlesnakes is having its world premiere at the 27th Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, California. The movie was screened on Friday Feb 8th 2019 at 7pm.

Talk about the Passion, is a moving and powerful exploration of loss, society’s collusion in the glamorisation of evil, and the desire for justice. It has been produced in the US, Australia and New Zealand and has been adapted by the author for the screen. It received its Asian premiere in Istanbul in November, 2018, directed by famed Turkish actor/musician Emre Kinay.

Graham Farrow received a Commonwealth Writer’s Prize nomination for his first novel Speak No Evil, published in 1989. A year later, his first play Hair of the Dog, a piece set in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust was premiered by Impact Theatre, Middlesbrough. Eight years and further productions later it was revived at the Birds Nest Theatre, London, to great acclaim. Further plays include Down amongst the Dead Men (London, 1993), The Boys are Back in Town (Salisbury, 1994), Rattlesnakes (New York, 2001), and the award-winning and critically acclaimed Talk About The Passion. More recent plays include Lake of Fire, and Stay with Me till Dawn.