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On 11th March 2017 more than 111 former pupils, and teachers of Scarborough College met up for the Wilkinson Years Dinner.  The event took place in the school dining room which the OSA Committee had decorated with an assortment of photographs and memorabilia from the era.

The dining room was quickly filled with the noise of people who hadn’t seen each other for a few days / weeks / months / years / decades catching up on what had been happened in the interim.  In fact, there was so much catching up to be done that it was difficult for John Rowlands to get the attention of the room for the speeches made by Charles Ellison and Richard Wilkinson (current and former headmasters, respectively).

It was lovely to see so many former (and current) teachers from the College attend the dinner wanting to catch up with former students and for so many former students to enjoy catching up them.

Our thanks for a wonderful evening must go to the caterers for a lovely meal, to the six sixth formers who looked after their Alumni so well throughout the evening and to Pippa Harker, Zoe Harrison and John Rowlands for their organisation of such a great night.

Thank you to all that attended - here’s hoping that the Hempsall Years Dinner is as well attended and enjoyed in March 2018.

The following OS members and partners attended:

Dr Richard Wilkinson, Ann Wilkinson, John Isles, Charles Ellison, Kate Ellison, John Rowlands, Sue Rowlands, Bernard Smaller, Robyn Smaller, John Precious, Sue Precious, Colin Brooke, Sue Brooke, Barbara Brocklehurst, Derek Brocklehurst, Roger Gilbert, Vicky Gilbert, John Lucas, Catherine Lucas, Mark Precious, Margaret Pepper, Sheila Dillon, Zoe Harrison, Paul Swinger, Phil Wilson, Frieda Tolson, Lynda Powell, Cameron Powell, Andrew Rhodes, Michael Gray, Victoria Harper, Tim Jones, Marie House, Karen Cody, Sue Moore (née Harris), Jacky Alvey (née Hall), Richard Dale, Juliette Lockstone, Melanie Jones, Mark Wilson, Jackie Wilson, Lisa Prior (née Berry), Jon Cash, Wendy Cash, Luther Phillips, Jonathan Telfer, Ronnie Firth, Hazel Cahill (née Mellors), Dianne Kinghorn (née Mellors), Mieke Davison (née Sullivan), Simon Dixon, Yvonne Van Zeller (née Brewins), Jackie Kerr (née Smith), Andrew Carswell, Lynne Lees (née Bennett), Jago Packer,  Leigh Jagger, Kirsty Classen (née Ainsley), Graham Adamson, Jennie Jackson, Adrian Helm, Tim Piper, Richard Hesk, Richard Marshall, Susan Timmins (née Brown), Jonathan Kissack, Suzie Brooks, Matthew Ainscough, Richard John, Adrian Berry, Philip Goddard, Jacqueline Farrant (née Dale), Elizabeth Beardsley, David Turner, Liz Middleton (née Jadav), Katherine Kempthorne (née Kite), Pippa Harker (née Birkbeck), John Harker, Andrew Harrison, Joanna Baker, Andrew Ashton, Ian Botterill, Scott Dickinson, Peter Mortimer, Miles Cartwright, Katrina Shamel (née Gledhill), Nicholas Hymer, Guy Pears, Steven Esmond, Sarah Sargeant, Joe Green, Debbie Green, Tim Easterby, Sarah Easterby, Mark Richardson, Emma Richardson, John Till, Mildred Reiniers, Paul Byas, Jude Byas, Tim Marshall, Zoe Wisbey, Philip Hesleton, Wendy Hesleton, Geoff Othick, Ann Othick, Mark Dale, Lucy Hutchinson (née Zweep), Ros Alcroft, David Alcroft, Helen Noble (née Atack).