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Over 50 Old Scardeburgians and their partners attended the Reunion Dinner in the College Dining Room in March 2016.  For many, it had been over 50 years since they had last met their former school friends.  The meal was excellent and quite different from the food we remembered, except perhaps for the desert; Jam Roly Poly and custard brought back many memories.

After the President welcomed everyone, several OSs were invited to share their memories and accounts of their time at the College.  Memories ranged from persuading the boiler room attendant to provide a key to enable toast to be made at night and then sold to those who wanted it.  Sweets, being in short supply after the war, were obtained and packets of polo mints, a firm favourite, were split with one single mint being sold for 2d.  Others recounted their memories of Mr Pegg and how any conversation was best avoided!

The evening concluded when the current Headmaster, Mr Charles Ellison, spoke about the College today and the importance and support the OSA plays in College life.

Another very successful weekend which included a tour of the College on the Saturday afternoon with over 20 OSs returning for a trip down memory lane. Thanks to John Rowlands for his brilliant tour.

Thanks also to John Rowlands and John Harker for being on hand during the evening with their cameras.

Members in attendance:

Arthur Wilkins, Frank Marshall, Richard Rymer, Peter Dixon, Michael Taylor, Miles Cartwright, Alistair Postle, Alec Jacques, Robert Pickering, Bernard Fletcher, David Robson, C W Bayston, W Lamb, David Butler, C J E Richardson, Adrian Hanwell, John Rayner, Philip Walker. Chris Owen, Mike Austin, Michael Hyman, John Precious, John Isles, John Rowlands, Charles & Kate Ellison (Headmaster)