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Welcome to The O.S.A. 300 Club. Since we started in 2011, we have provided a Sixth-form scholarship which has enabled a pupil to achieve goals and objectives that would otherwise not been possible. There are detailed criteria for this - academic performance at GCSE and financial need. The OSA is involved from very early days; the College makes a recommendation, the OSA interviews the student and makes a decision. Once the student starts the OSA mentors the successful student throughout the two years in the Sixth Form.

Not only does the OSA organise all the fantastic reunion events that we have every year, but also works hard in the background providing financial assistance towards The Travel Scholarship enabling young people who are in their final year of IB benefit from the fantastic opportunities that Scarborough College offers. This award, up to a value of £1000 can be used to help finance a trip/visit which will make a difference – either to the student in terms of personal development or other people in terms of charitable works or both. There is an application process - details are on the website and we expect the recipient to return to speak of their experience.

We are proud that we have been able to assist some of the brightest young students achieve the best possible start from their education, but this comes at a price. The OSA can only continue to do this with YOUR help, and the 300 Club is a vital part of our fundraising, so why not enrol today and have a chance to win some money whilst also helping give the youngsters the best possible start for tomorrow. The scheme, which costs around 11p a day (£40 a year), can make a huge difference to a talented pupil's life chances.

The OSA 300 Club is a private lottery and is open to all former students, staff and “friends of Scarborough College”. As a private lottery you have to be invited to join, you will be allocated a number on a first come first served basis and your number/ticket is not transferable.

The Rules:

  1. The OSA 300 Club is only open to OSA Members; former students, staff and “friends of Scarborough College”. Full details of membership can be found within the OSA Rules.
  2. Members must complete and return an application form, either by hand, via email or fill in the online application ( accessed at: https://forms.gle/LQmiPGHyR2EYeYvg6). By completing the application and making the first payment, they are agreeing to and are deemed to accept the Rules of the OSA 300 Club
  3. There will be a maximum of 300 members. Once this number has been reached a ‘Waiting List’ will be created and members will be invited to join only when a place becomes available.
  4. Members will be entitled to have a maximum of five shares in the Club, providing there is not a waiting list
  5. Members will be asked to pay £10 per quarter per share by Standing Order or online payment on the 1st of September, December, March and June each year.
  6. The OSA 300 Club will be administered by the OSA Treasurer and will be answerable to the OSA Committee. Accounts will be prepared at the end of each accounting year – 1st September to 31st August.
  7. Separate bank accounts will be operated solely for the use of the OSA 300 Club with 2 signatories required – the Treasurer and another OSA Committee member.
  8. The OSA 300 Club will have Prize Draws at official Reunion weekends. More draws will be added at the Committee’s discretion.
  9. Prize money will be determined by the Committee, based on the funds available
  10. Membership will run on a yearly basis.
  11. Membership to the OSA 300 Club will automatically renew on the 1st September each year. In the event that a Member wishes to terminate their membership and leave the OSA 300 Club, they must give written notice of their intent to cancel their membership by 31st May and payments will cease with effect from the 1st September.
  12. The draws will take place in the presence of two OSA members, of whom one is a member of the Committee.
  13. The proposed OSA Scholarship will be reviewed annually by the President, Chairman, and Treasurer. The College will make a recommendation to the OSA. If sufficient funds are available 
a representative of the OSA will interview the student and report back to the President, Chairman, and Treasurer with a recommendation to support/not support the applicant. Their decision has to be unanimous. The Head will be notified of the outcome.
  14. Winners of the draw will be notified by email and on social media as soon as is reasonably possible after the draw taking place. The list of winners will also be published on the OSA website pages, in the OSA E-Newsletter and in the Scarborough College Horizons magazine. If winners do not wish any publicity, they should complete the application form accordingly.
  15. If a member fails to pay their subscription they will not be entered into the next draw or any further, until such time as payments are brought up to date or they confirm their intention of withdrawing from the Club
  16. All prizes must be claimed and banked within 6 months of the draw date otherwise the monies will be returned to the OSA 300 Club funds.
  17. Member’s details will be stored securely solely for the use and requirements of the OSA 300 Club.
  18. The OSA Committee shall have the final decision in the event of any matters that require adjudication. They will also have the power to amend or revoke these rules at their discretion with such reasonable notice to all OSA 300 Club members as is necessary.