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Committee Member

I went to Lisvane 1962-1967 and then onto Scarborough College 1967-1973. Never received any kind of awards but was Captain of Cricket for two years - 1972 and 1973. I also played in the 1st X1 Hockey team for 4 years and for the 1st XV Rugby team for a year. Received full colours in all three sports.

As a teacher, I joined the staff in 1981 teaching Economics and Commerce. Responsible introducing Business Studies in 1984 at ‘O’ Level and 1988 at ‘A’ Level. Assistant boarding housemaster under Keith Rowe in Hartford House, then Head of Armstrong House. Became Head of Hartford House in 1989-1991, Head of Willersley House 1991-1993 and then Head of Weaponness House 1993-1996. Came back as Head of Crews House in 2008-2010 and finally Head of Weaponness House (AGAIN!) 2010-2015.

I was Head of the Economics and Business Studies department, in charge of Boys' and Girls’ 1st X1 Hockey teams and he Boys’1st X1 Cricket team. I also did the White Rose walk (36 miles), supported the Lyke Wake walks, helped out with 37 skiing trips and the Year 8 trips to the Lake District, during Activities Week, at the end of summer term. I organised the 6th Form Christmas Parties and the end of summer term Leavers’ Balls. Finally, I was Secretary of the OSA for approximately 20 years at a time when we lacked the technology of today and I had to write out the address on the envelopes for all news letters that were sent to the OSA members.

Finally, I can honestly say that, although I did have some difficult times, I absolutely loved my job and feel very fortunate to have attended Scarborough College and sent my children (as they were then!) Helen and Tom to the College.