Miles Cartwright


Started at Lisvane January 1964, and moved up to the College in 1967, and was a member of Pegg House. I left in 1971, and after initially working in Sales at Plaxtons, had a 35 year career in the Motor Trade starting as a junior salesman and finishing up as a Sales and General Manager. I was also Commercial Manager for Doncaster Rovers FC from 1999-2001, I’m currently employed in the local transport industry.


John Rowlands


I joined the staff in April 1979 as Head of Geography.  The CCF (RN), 2nd XV and  an unforgettable school visit to USSR, Russian Roulette, Lyke Wake Walk, Whitby Whale Walk, were followed by five years in charge of Lodge House from 1983 until I was appointed Deputy Head in 1988. In 1993 I moved to North Wales to take on a Headship. In 2010 I retired, got involved with the OSA, became a Governor – Chairing the Education & Welfare Committee and am the Governor with an overview of Boarding.


Alistair Postle


I arrived at Scarborough College to board at the age of 13 and I stayed for 5 years until 1974.

My best subject was Latin (how handy has that been?) and Maths. What happened to logarithms? I became an accountant and am now the Treasurer of the OSA. I really enjoyed school apart the lessons and sport!


Liz Ashworth


I was very young when I became the Headmaster’s Secretary in 1969. In 1975 I left to get married and went to live in the Dales.

I worked for Denys Crews through to his retirement and then for Richard Wilkinson for a short while.

My time at the College covered the transition to admitting girls – such changes!

I returned to Scarborough in 1983 and have kept in touch with the College since, with two daughters attending, and also having kept in touch with a number of Old Boys and Girls.

I have now retired and two years ago I was invited to assist with the OSA. I was delighted to accept and even more so when later I was asked if I would become the Secretary.

Working for Denys Crews and Scarborough College changed my life. Denys and his wife were wonderful people and I have so many memories of the boys and girls, the staff and of the time I spent there.


John Isles

Committee Member : Archivist. I attended Scarborough College from 1960 – 1965. I was in Lodge House which consisted at the time of two houses opposite the College in Filey Road. Norman Gee was the Housemaster and Denys Crews was the Headmaster. I represented the School at all levels of Cricket and in my last year reached the dizzy heights of House Prefect. Hindsight is often viewed through rose coloured glasses but it was a very enjoyable time of my life. It taught us respect, good behaviour and the ability to stand on our own two feet, something that has served me well throughout my life. I wasn’t interested in academic qualifications, assuming I would work for my Father. What a shock to be told in 1965 I should go out and ruin someone else’s business; not his! However the ethics and principles I learnt at the College meant I did just that. I started my working life at Leyland Motors followed by18 years with the Sun Alliance Group. I had always had a desire to run my own show and I started my own business in Marketing and Training and continue in that field today. I married Jean in 1971 and shall be ever grateful for Scarborough College.


Mat Watkinson

Committee Member:

I joined Scarborough College in 1961, aged 10, as a scholarship pupil and left in 1969. I didn’t get on with my university course and left to manage record shops and to become a DJ in a rock club.  I joined the BBC in 1987 and qualified as a journalist, spending 20 years as a reporter for radio and TV. I worked for  local mental health charities for four years following this in 2011, I became a voice artist and scriptwriter. Although I’m now officially retired, I continue to provide support to Scarborough’s Stephen Joseph Theatre, giving public readings of work by new writers and rehearsed readings of submitted scripts.

John Precious

Committee Member:

I went to Lisvane 1962-1967 and then onto Scarborough College 1967-1973. Never received any kind of awards but was Captain of Cricket for two years – 1972 and 1973. I also played in the 1st X1 Hockey team for 4 years and for the 1st XV Rugby team for a year. Received full colours in all three sports.

As a teacher, I joined the staff in 1981 teaching Economics and Commerce. Responsible introducing Business Studies in 1984 at ‘O’ Level and 1988 at ‘A’ Level. Assistant boarding housemaster under Keith Rowe in Hartford House, then Head of Armstrong House. Became Head of Hartford House in 1989-1991, Head of Willersley House 1991-1993 and then Head of Weaponness House 1993-1996. Came back as Head of Crews House in 2008-2010 and finally Head of Weaponness House (AGAIN!) 2010-2015.

I was Head of the Economics and Business Studies department, in charge of Boys’ and Girls’ 1st X1 Hockey teams and he Boys’1st X1 Cricket team. I also did the White Rose walk (36 miles), supported the Lyke Wake walks, helped out with 37 skiing trips and the Year 8 trips to the Lake District, during Activities Week, at the end of summer term. I organised the 6th Form Christmas Parties and the end of summer term Leavers’ Balls. Finally, I was Secretary of the OSA for approximately 20 years at a time when we lacked the technology of today and I had to write out the address on the envelopes for all news letters that were sent to the OSA members.

Finally, I can honestly say that, although I did have some difficult times, I absolutely loved my job and feel very fortunate to have attended Scarborough College and sent my children (as they were then!) Helen and Tom to the College.

Suzanne Brooks

Committee Member:

I started at Lisvane in September 1981 together with my brother Paul.  After four years at Lisvane I moved to Scarborough College and Bankory House in September 1985 where I stayed until after I took my ‘A’ levels in 1990.  I remember my time in Scarborough with great affection for the people that I met, whether they were fellow pupils, teachers or those that looked after us in so many different ways.  It was a very special time.

When I left Scarborough College I went to Durham University where I studied Natural Sciences for three years.  After I graduated, I joined the Waitrose Graduate Training scheme and later moved to join the Department Store side of the business in John Lewis.  Initially I worked in the Buying Offices but I am now a Business Analyst for John Lewis IT department.

I thoroughly enjoyed my nine years in Scarborough and I love going back to both the town and the school to see what has changed and to keep in touch with those that I knew from my time there.