Niki Doeg is the recipient of the 2016 Alumni Award

On 19 November 2016 we will be honouring the recipient of this years Alumni Award – Mrs Niki Doeg (nee Rhodes) 1983-1989.

On 20 December 2015, Yorkshire Rows set off on a herculean challenge to row 3000 nautical miles across the Atlantic ocean.  It is no surprise that more people have been into space or climbed Everest than have rowed the Atlantic. It takes a certain kind of person to keep going when faced with blisters, salt rash, and sleep deprivation. That is why this race is one of the toughest races on earth.  Niki and her crew achieved their dream and successfully arrived in Antigua in 67 days picking up a world record, the oldest women to row any ocean.

Niki will be receiving the 2016 Alumni Award as part of the College’s Prize Giving Ceremony at Queen Street Methodist Hall on Saturday 19 November and will be attending the OSA Black Tie Ball that evening, with other members of the Scarborough College and OSA community.

It would be very fitting to see as many of Niki’s old school friends and Bankory House contemporaries back to help share in her amazing achievement and this special award. For more information about attending the ceremony or the Ball please contact Zoe Harrison on 01723 360620 or via info@scarboroughcollege.co.uk.  We hope some of you will be able to make it back and celebrate with Niki, the College and the OSA.